Xi Hu Longjing Dragon Well Tea

Xi Hu Longjing Dragon Well Tea


Grown in Xi Hu (West Lake Area), Hangzhou, Zhejiang province


From rocky, acidic soil where hot days quickly become cold nights, warm Xi Hu Longjing is coolheaded and composed. Harvested on the first days of spring, it is to awaken from the quiet of winter.


Xi Hu Longjing is the most famous green tea in China. This tea is grown in a very particular and exclusive region around the Xi Hu Lake. Each leaf is meticulously picked and processed by hand. One part of the process involves rubbing the leaves against a large metal wok, which breaks down the cell walls on the outside of the leaf and allows a particularly smooth flavor to arise.


This tea was named by Emperor Qianlong, who visited this area numerous times during his reign throughout the 1700s. He enjoyed the tea so much, and the beautiful lake region, that he named it Xi Hu Longjing, which means "The Dragon Spring".