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Our Tea Room

The Golden Dragon Shop is a culmination. Our lifelong appreciation of authentic Chinese tea led us to China many times, where we made it our purpose to find the best teas (and supply chains) available.


To put it simply, we drink traditional Chinese tea all day, every day. It is a great unifying constant in our community, and we are honored to share its enjoyment with you.


We have been in the tea business for 25 years, but Chinese Tea is not simply a business for us. It is a part an integral part of our health, our relationships, and our enjoyment of the human experience.


The tea making process in China is a refined and sophisticated art form. These teas have been made the same way for thousands of years. Every detail in the process has been perfected. Each leaf is hand-picked, hand-processed, and meticulously and expertly crafted by the tea master.


The moment the tea reaches your lips is the pinnacle of this great journey; a gift from natural beauty and human ingenuity.


Thank you very much for visiting us! Making quality tea available to you is an honor and a privilege.

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